Friday, March 25, 2011

CityVille Bot 1.58 and Coins Energy Exp Cheat March 26 2011

Steps :
--------- Download Bot and plugins ---------

--------- Download Bot and plugins ----------
1. Download CityVille Bot and Plugins from the links above.
2. Install CityVille Bot
3. Extract the 2 folders from the .zip file to your desktop.
4. Go to Windows Explorer, and browse to the folder where CityVille Bot is installed (default is at C:\Programs Files..)
5. Copy the 2 folders from the Plugins into the folder where the Bot is installed and REPLACE all the files below :

C:\Program Files\CityVilleBot\codebase-php\BotClass.php replace this file

C:\Program Files\CityVilleBot\codebase-php\LocalDataClass.php replace this file

C:\Program Files\Plugins\Neighbors\* Drag the File to C:\Program Files\Plugins\

C:\Program Files\Plugins\Energy\* Drag the File to C:\Program Files\Plugins\

C:\Program Files\Plugins\UnlimitedCoins\* Copy all file and replace

7. Once done, just open the CityVilleBot.exe (For VISTA and WIN7 users, right click the CityVilleBot.exe and select "Run As Administrator") IMPORTANT OR IT WILL NOT WORK.

8. Log into your facebook account. (Don't worry, it's not a scam. You can log into a spare account first if you are afraid, but you will definitely get logged in)

9. Just click "Start"

10. Watch the bot start up and you should get a screen like this.

1. Click on PluginsManager to ACTIVE/DEACTIVE the cheats that you want or do not want.

12. For Energy, it works by grabbing your neighbors' neighbors +3 energy when you visit them. DO NOT GO CRAZY ON THIS OR YOUR GAME WILL BREAK. Just do it 100-200 energy each time. If you want to be greedy and spoil your own game, have fun with it

13. Always remember to UNTICK the "Pause!" if you want the cheat to work.

14. It's all in English so go play around yourself. It's pretty easy and works really great.

15. For easy leveling just do what I'm doing. In the Crops section, just plant like 1000 strawberries. Make sure you have lots of empty farming land in your game. Use Energy + Farming to level up really fast.

16. As for Unlimited Coins, just put 20 cycles will get you A LOT of coins already. Do NOT be greedy!

17. Lastly, really do NOT abuse the bot or it will get patched soon. Have fun!


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