Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free PiroxBots FishBot 3.0.0 Released

Updated for Patch 4.0.6

We have ourselves decided our old fish-offered too erneuenern. The Free PiroxBots fish-offered for World OF Warcraft more first-class offered. It is based on MemoryReading/Writing and functions for WoW Patch 4.0.6. Thus you get also the fishing rod of successes in Dalaran!

+ multi-LANGUAGE
+ simple Setup
+ fish everywhere
+ fish in dalaran and receive successes
+ fish in the background and minimizes
+ Lootet BoP Items
+ Buffs uses
+ fish seal uses
+ plays warning tones (Whisper/error/Looting)
+ Whisper recognizes
+ warning clay/tone and can to it answer
+ LiveLog with offered actions and received Whisper
+ coincidental window name (alterable in config)

Missing features compared with pvpTool
- None back-fight against opponents
- Run none to the corpse. With death is end.
- No Vendor
- No full bags recognition
- No Relog
- No intelligent answering to Whisper (Chatting)
- no examination whether view to the water
- None offered Polymorphing

Much fun. It is really simple to adjust. And it is momentarily safe. Übertreibts and does not bottet 24 grants at the piece.

             --- Download ---

             --- Download ---

1.) Download (.exe SelfExtract) and unpacks the file offered
2.) Over e.g. designate the Datei.exe to Irgendwas.exe. ICQ.exe
3.) Start WoW and log you in completely
4.) Start the bot
5.) Set the ability ' Angeln' (Cast Fishing) on a ActionButton and set for this button a key in the WoW key assignment over in offered under keys - Cast Fishing
6.) Set a key for ' With a goal Interagieren' in the WoW key assignment and in offered under keys - interact
7.) Put on the fishing rod
8.) Run to the fishing rod place and look to the water
9.) Click on the RUN button (the Green button with arrow)

FAQ v3.0.0
F: Why lootet doesn't mine offered?
A: ' gropes; With a goal Interagieren' must in offered and in WoW - > Key assignment - > ' With a goal Interagieren' correctly occupied its. Activate ' Schnell-Plündern' in WoW interface
options - > Control.


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