Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bl1zz4rDs FishY offered | 4.0.6a

- Condition-quietly fishing rods (while stationary simply normal fishing rods)
- Shoal Hunting (with it is meant which it on your Flugmount goes and as soon as a swarm is in range, he fishes there.)
- Fighting (if someone when fishing he attacks, attacks you back).
- Unstuck
- Seal becomes now Supported

[How ton:]

Condition-quietly Fishing:
- Keys must be occupied under “Settings - keys”
- Fishing rod must be put on
Shoal Hunting:
- Keys must be occupied under “Settings - keys”
- Fishing rod must be put on

Mail ton old:
- One needs this macro for:

/run MailFrameTab_OnClick (0,2) local C, l, r, _=0 for b=0,4 DO for s=1,32 DO if c>11 then BREAK end to local l=GetContainerItemLink (b, s) if l then _, _, r=GetItemInfo (l) if r<=2 then UseContainerItem (b, s) c=c+1 end end end end if to c>0 then transmission mail (“CharName”,” “) end

- Fighting fixed
- OnMount check
- Keys little amends
- To save nose fix
- A test form inserted.
- It is to be entered now possible Distance to swarming.
- Keys can be occupied now among “Settings - keys”
- Lure becomes now Supported
- “Distance ton roofridge WP” added
- Offered starts now from the nähsten WP.
- “ü” “ö” “ä” and Russian etc. indications/letters are now indicated correctly.
- Fighting improves.
- The Z-axis now no more computed for the Distance between players and swarm.
- New ftp.
- Geupdatet for 4.0.6
- Fixed: That did not muster mountet, if he is at fishing.
- And some more to fixed
- ADDs: Key attitudes are stored automatically
- ADDs: Nose announce function
- Fixed: Combat
- Fixed: Bobber again ejected if it not in the swarm lands.
- and more
- Added: Relogger
- Added: Car Detect Bobber
- Added: Sound were angeflüstert if you. (Selectablly)
- Added: Sound on Bobbing. (Selectablly),
- Added: News Tab, here know you well-known nose, new functions of the new version
- Fixed: Don't Play sound on Bobbing if check box is emergency klicked.
- Fixed: Franz & Korean LANGUAGE support
- DELETEs: Car detecting Bobber, it's which tons buggy.

- ADDs: Car Detect Bobber
- ADDs: Unstuck
- ADDs: Mail ton old
- and more
- Fixed: After fishing in A Swarm by OF mounting tons try tons unstuck

                 --- Download Files ---

                 --- Download Files ---


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