Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conquer Online 2 - The New Hack-Pack is OUT!

Version 1.07
                --- Download Sections ---

                --- Download Sections ---

How to Install:
1) Download the Hack-Pack from one of the up stated Links.
2) Install it in the Conquer Online folder.
3) Start the Hack-Pack from the Desktop.
4) Have fun

My Advice:
Don't use the Plvl Bot on ur MAIN character!
First Log your character, then start the Hack-Pack!

Chat system is available in the Hack-Pack...
(15/7 online support...)


1. Net Framework Version 4.0
2. Windows XP/Vista/7
3. CLEAN [B]Conquer Online Client
4. NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package



Q: When I click COoperative it opens up window called "Skype" and I dont see process to select...
A: First u must start Conquer Online and enter in ur character, then you will click "Refresh" on the COoperative window and the Process will show up... Select the Process and press "Select".

Q: I am getting this error when I start the Multi Client "Error: Failed to read from configuration file".
A: Change the Conquer Online directory in "Multi Client - Destination.ini" file (on ur Desktop)

Last edit: 08-03-2011
Version 1.07 released!

Version 1.07:
- Update for Patch 5370!
- Hack-Pack Rеdesigned
- Fixed: Can't open Multi Client
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.06:
- Update for Patch 5369
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.05:
- Update for Patch 5368
- The chances od being Botjailed are reduced (70%)
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.04:
- Update for Patch 5367

Version 1.03:
- Fixed Bug: Chat can't open
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.02:
- Invisible mode for Conquer Online scanner
- Uninstall Button inside the Hack-Pack
- Fixed Bug: ItemType unable to install
- Fixed other minor Bugs.

- Multi Client commands
- Macedonian and Deutch language support


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