Friday, March 11, 2011

Silk Road Online - Data Base Bot v1.3a Crack

Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP all SP.

Released on 09/16/2010.

Compatible with swsro1, swsro2 and probably all private servers.. ^_^

* Removed unique char limitation.
* Removed Access denied notice message.
* Auth server connection disabled.
* Private message (clickop) client crash exploit fixed.
* Extra protections removed.


- Extract the bot and the crack in the same folder.
- Start the crack and click the Patch button, the bot will start, it's now cracked
- For further botting, restart the crack and click on Patch button to crack the bot.
- Close the crack.
- Start SRProxy and enter the server IP you want to connect.

You can try with sjsro and others pservers, i did not tested yet..
The IP addresses could be found on the forum.

- Start the bot, select your silkroad folder.
- Click on StartGame Button and wait until the game is started.
- Login, select a character...
- Once ingame, setup the bot, click start and...
... Enjoy Free Botting!

This is all.

          ---- Download DB_Bot_v1.3a | Crack ----

          ---- Download DB_Bot_v1.3a| Crack ----


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