Saturday, March 19, 2011

XtrapBanish - Cabal Xtrap Bypass


1) Unrar the package
2) Execute Loader.exe (Execute as administrator!)
3) Press CHOOSE
4) Target the cabalmain.exe of your Cabal Client (works with both packed and unpacked executables)
5) Write a startup argument in the ARGS box. (Default is "husky").
6) Press LAUNCH
7) That's it!

If you don't know the argument use the ProcessExplorer tool included in the tutorial package!

Do not come here posting "OMG it dun works!!1" without providing the current information:

+ banish.log
+ Name of your Cabal client
+ All executables from the Cabal directory (pack them to the same RAR/ZIP archive)

Some virus scans may detect the file(s) as malware. However, the files are completely clean and can safely be used. If you don't trust these files, I don't want to hear it, just don't use them, thank you!

---- Download File1 | File2 | File3 ----

---- Download File1 | File2 | File3 ----

Q: I select the cabalmain.exe and press launch but nothing happens.
A: The argument is wrong, look for it again.

Q: I can't see the argument line in process explorer.
A: Go to View -> Select Colums -> Process Image -> Thick Command Line.

Q: I bypassed the x-trap but I don't know how to hack.
A: Search for hacks on these forums, there are plenty of them, don't spam this thread with questions about hacks

Q: How can I hack on CAOR ?
A: You can't anymore.

Q: I use the X-Trap Banisher for Cabal Elite/OG/Eternia/Unlimited/GP etc(EP3!) but it doesn't work even if the arg is right.
A: Those ep3 servers are using another anticheat, not X-Trap, so it won't work for EP3!!

*This bypass does NOT work for official servers, they use a heartbeat packet that will disconnect you few mins after you bypassed the game!!!


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