Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charles Web Debugging Proxy Crack

Rejoice guys, as you can now crack your Charles and not get those annoying pop-ups or 30min usage anymore. You can now easily spending longer time finding loopholes in your favourite game without the 30minute limitation. Just follow the steps.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):

  • Java Installer (You need this to be able to run Charles. Users who are able to use Charles all the while do not have to install this. 
  • Charles Installer + Crack [Link 1| Link 2| Link 3]
  1. Download the above file.
  2. Use Winrar to extract all 3 files to your Desktop
  3. Double click charles_setup_3.51.exe and install Charles into your computer. (You should probably uninstall the previous version of Charles)
  4. Double click run.bat
  5. A Charles v3.5 Patcher should appear. (if it didnt, you didnt extract all the 3 files to your desktop!! read step 2!!)
  6. Click 'browse'
  7. Navigate to the folder where Charles was installed. (If default, it will be at C:\Program Files\Charles\lib)
  8. In the 'lib' folder, you should see a charles.jar. Double click that.
  9. Charles will now be successfully cracked. 
  10. Open Charles, click Help, click Register
  11. Input anything you want for both the name and the key. 
  12. You can now use Charles as a fully registered software. Have fun finding cheats!


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