Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ninja Saga - 3M EXP Hack (PATCHED)

Remember, read the instructions carefully, I wrote the guide twice in long and short guide, so you can easily understand the guide quickly and smoothly.


1.Download the Shop_new.swf

2.Replace in Fiddler
3.Clear cache
4.Play Ninja Saga
5.Go in shop
6.Click item buy 3M EXP
7.Go to last pages
8.Click buy "Update Character"
9.Done !!! Wait 10 mins again to buy 100K

Credits by:A@azumi

or in short

Follow this Steps.. login your NS Acc..
2.add shop_new.swf to Autoresponder.
3.clear cache
4.go to shop.
5.goto item and buy 100k EXP.
6.goto pages 2 and buy Update Character..

--- Download the Shop_new.swf ---

--- Download the Shop_new.swf ---


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