Friday, November 18, 2011

CabalRider [Latest Versions]

he newest download links for any CabalRider Version since the registration for the CabalRider forum is closed down for all the people which want to register from now on. I hope this will prevent users from opening new threads about this topic. Before you are able to use CabalRider you need to purchase it from an agent on CabalRider,Cabal hack,Cabal bot,bot Cabal,Cabalbot,Cabal macro,Cabal autoclick or you can try it for free (Trial-Time) from 10 to 12 AM (GMT+2).

The download can be detected by your anti-virus but like you can see all download links are provided directly from the CabalRider Page and not from me. Virustotal will most probably find like 20/43 but i'm using this versions too without a problem.

CabalRider Euro (16.11.2011)
CabalRider Philippines (15.11.2011)

CabalRider Singapore / Malaysia (16.11.2011)

CabalRider Germany (09.10.2011):
CabalRider Brazil - No download available

Cabalrider won't work for you or you get a white bot panel? Try this:

Delete the folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\INCA Shared
Delete all files in: C:\Windows\Prefetch
Delete all files in: GameGuard Folder (in your Game-directory)
Delete the folder "CabalRider" in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\
Delete all CR files
Run CCleaner to clean your registry
Restart your PC
Download and install a fresh copy of CR
Start CR with Administrator rights


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