Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cross Fire Aimbot 8.3 - Hack Headshot, wall, one hit cf hack

How to use it!

Working for CrossFire NA - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire PH - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire EU - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire RU - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire INDO - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire VN- Undetected (WORKING!)

Supported OS:
WinXP: v Yes,
Win7 : v Yes,
Vista : v Yes.

Tested on:
Vista : WORKING!

Features (Everything is auto on):
- Wall Hack
- See Ghost
- Draw Line
- Draw Box
- Tag Name
- HP bar
- Jump Hack
- No Recoil
- No Reload
- No Reload Sniper
- Max Range Weapon
- No Fall Damage
- No Grenade Damage
- Teleport
- Auto HeadShot(fixed working zombie,mutant)
- One hit zombie more(boss)
- One hit zombie
- Long mini Knife
- Mini Speed hack
- WalK Through Wall
- One Shot Cash player
- Shoot Through Wall

Download Link Below


alshabah said...

nice but where is the linke

Daisy Quiseo said...

Above the crossfire icon....

Jibran Funter said...

WhAT's it's Key.. :/

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