Sunday, November 27, 2011

M-efti's MW3 SP Trainer 1.05 and Trainer 1.06

This version 1.06 which contains a money hack for spec ops and minor bug fixes.
It has the following features:
No Reload - Unlimited ammo and you never need to reload.
Unlimited Ammo - Unlimited ammo.
Unlimited Nades - Unlimited equipment. (frags, 9bangs etc.)
God Mode - Bullets and small explosions can't hurt you, but other things can still kill you.
1 Shot 1 Kill - Kill any enemy with 1 shot. (does not work on choppers etc.) It has the same effect on you.

Spec Ops:
XP Hack - Write your current amount of XP and click "Current XP". Then write the amount of XP you want and click the button again. This does not work every time and the more XP you have when try to do it, the more likely it is to work. You can get more info by clicking the X next to the feature.
LVL Hack - Click "Prepare LVL" while in a Spec Ops mission and then write the LVL you want to be on and click the button again.
Money Hack - Click "Prepare Money" while in a Spec Ops mission and then write how much money you want and click the button.
Weapon Hack - Select what weapon you want and which of the 3 weapon slots you want it in. Then go buy ammo.

Crosshair - Displays a crosshair on the screen.
Show Health - Shows your current health on the screen. Hold the mouse where you want it to be and click Z + J. You can also choose how big you want it to be.
Address Finder - You only need to scan for addresses once per update.

More features are coming.

1. Start trainer and the game(order doesn't matter).
2. Click "Find Addresses" located in the "Other" tab.
3. Enter a campaign or spec ops mission.
4. Turn on the features you want and you are done.

The second time you use the trainer you can skip step two.
Download Now

MW3 SP Trainer 1.05
MW3 SP Trainer 1.06


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