Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CrossFire APP - Aim Point Perfect 4.0 [Crosshair]


  • Aim Point Perfect will draw aim point on screen and working for all FPS game
     [Update] Version 4.0 | 11:21 AM 15/21/2016 ]

    What's new?:
    - Fix bugs.
    - Improve tool
    - Remove function "Fix wrong position"
    - Add auto coordinates setting
    - Add "auto click [Apply]

    Old version

    Version 3.0 / 11:00 AM 25/11/2016
    - Add two style aim point
    - Add four button coordinates
    - Fix bugs.
    - Fix coordinattes
    - Improve tool

    Version 2.0 | 12:04 AM | 15/11/2016
    - Improve function "Anti hidden"
    - Add two mode "Anti hidden"

    Version 1.2 | 10:00 AM 15/11/2016
    - Fix auto close tool

    Version 1.1 | Update 9:24 PM 14/11/2016
    - Fix coordinates settings
    - Code again to try fix drop FPS

    Version 1.0 | 7/11/2016
    - Release Aim Point Perfect


    Can I get banned for this?
    Absolutely not, this does not hook, write or read any memory from another process. The only thing it does is display a aim point on a window.

    Does this work on fullscreen games?
    I'm not sure!

    How to use?

    - Download and extract the attachment
    - Run APP.exe.
    - Uncheck Vietnamese interface if you don't know Vietnamese.
    - Click button "On"
    - Setting Coordinates. You can use 4 button (left, up, down, right) to setting.
    - Choose style and color you want
    - Enjoy

    Auto coordinates setting:
    Click and hold button green and move to windows game. Then click [Apply]
    APP can be wrong position, you must use 4 button (left, right, up, down) to fix!

    Choose mode "Anti hidden" if aim point don't show in game.
    + Auto: Tool auto anti hidden 5 seconds/times
    + Manual: Press [Fix], tool will anti hidden after 5 seconds

    You should play the game in windowed mode for smoothest

    Download links

    download now


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