Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Guide] English - 20 Guidelines for Safe Botting

Listed below are my 20 guidelines for botting safely, they are listed in no particular order of importance.

1. Try to stay near your computer. This is probably the main rule I would recommend. If you can’t stay near your computer, at least stay alert. Stay near your computer, if someone whispers you and you don't respond or a Game Master triest to talk to you while your bot is running and you don't respond, chances are you will get banned. Some botters have reported being randomly teleported, being attacked by an invisible mob, or their characters flying past nodes and not gathering them. Many times, these are Game Masters using small checks to see if you are a bot or not. When it comes to not gathering nodes, that may be a bug with the bot. If you do go AFK while the bot is running, make sure to check on it regularly.
2. Do not AFK or DND. If you were AFK or DND, you wouldn’t be moving around and farming in the first place. Don’t be stupid by putting either of them on.
3. Make your own botting profiles.Using a public profle usually isn’t the smartest thing. Every time someone asks me for help with botting, I always recommend to them that they make their own profiles. If you are using a public profile, your character will most likely travel a path and if someone notices you are on the same path as another botter, chances are you will be reported. Make your own.
4. Use customization! Using customization is probably the best thing you can do to help keep your account safe. Custom Class profiles, Custom Whisper Back responses, and like I mentioned earlier, custom botting paths.
5. Don’t bot for more than 4 hours at a time. Some botters get lucky and bot for hours on end, 12+ straight. But just because some get lucky doesn’t mean you will always be. Frankly, any normal human shouldn’t be able to stand something as repetitive as farming for more than 4 hours. The more human-like you make your botting seem, the less likely you are to be noticed.
6. Take a break, do something manually. This relates to what I previously said about not botting for more than 4 hours. Botting that long would be mind-numbing for a normal person. Shut down the bot for a bit between sessions and go run a random dungeon, battleground, or do some daily quests.
7. Avoid repetition. Making a schedule for your botting is a BAD idea. Some people might turn on their bot overnight and let it farm for them, but people actually play during the night as well and if they notice you botting every night for 4 hours, they might get suspicious. Botting at different times means you are less likely to arise suspicion in others. Don’t just bot during certain times or days either.
8. Farm on different characters. This also applies to the previous rule about avoiding repetition. If you do decide to bot multiple days in a row, do it on different characters. It helps if your characters you use to bot are in different guilds as well so people don’t think there is a connection. Using different paths for different characters, or using a different profession to bot is also a great idea. Switch things up a bit.
9. Make sure you are in a guild. There are multiple reasons for this. For one, many characters who are botting are on compromised accounts, “asian gold farmers” if you want to call them that. They leave guilds and remove people from their friends list so that people don’t bother them, this is a sign of botters. Being in a guild makes people less likely to think you are a bot because many people relate bots to compromised accounts. ALSO, if you are in a high level guild, you get perks to gather more, which means more profit for you.
10. Be in a group. Have a friend invite an alt of yours to a group, then log onto your character you will bot on and have him/her invite that character. Your friend can then leave the group so you are in a group with your offline alt. Being a group will prevent random people who try to invite you to a group and the little crown icon over your portrait might help convince other people you aren't botting.
11. Have a character under the radar. Many guilds these days mass invite random people for the gold and to level a guild more quickly, join one of these guilds on a character that none of your friends know about. Chances are, no one in the guild will know who you are or care who you are that they won’t talk to you, and if your real-ID friends don’t know you bot, they won’t be able to bug you.
12. Talk to people. If you can’t keep your farming characters under the radar, talk to people while your bot is running. While you physically don’t have to be farming, remaining social in game while botting helps to avoid suspicion. Maybe have a friend who knows you might be botting start a conversation with you every so often.
13. Bot within your level range. For example, if you want to mine bot Fel Iron in Hellfire Peninsula, make a character that would be leveling in that area. A new Death Knight would be easy for that range and if someone was to /who the zone and see you in the level range for that zone, they might just suspect you are leveling, not botting. Don’t use a level 80 or lower character to farm Elementium Ore in Uldum either.
14. Bot in a low populated zone. While not always possible, the less people in a zone, the less risk there is of someone seeing you and reporting you.
15. Don’t ruin your server’s Auction House. This means don’t put things up for 50% less what the other people are putting them up for and don’t flood the market with your botted goods. Doing so sets up a big red flag to other players and to Game Masters.
16. Split up your auctions. If you do manage to farm a lot of materials that may sell quickly, make sure you mail some of the ore to other characters and split up your auctions between your characters. 10 stacks of ore put up by 5 different characters is a lot less suspicious than 50 stacks put up by one character. Try not to put up 10 stacks on each character though, maybe 8 stacks on one, 12 stacks on another. Avoid patterns.
17. Don’t talk about bots in game! The word bot raises a flag to Game Master, it is one of the key words they search chats for. If you put the word bot in a ticket, your ticket gets answered faster than normally because “bot” is a word targeted by the system. Don’t EVER say you are going to bot in game. If you need to tell a friend of yours, do it over a separate voice program such a s vent or skype or send them a text.
18. Don’t report other botters. I’ve known people who do this just so that they have more raw materials for their bot to farm for themselves. Don’t do this though. It can cause suspicion to Game Masters and makes you a hypocrite of sorts. Karma can be a bitch.
19. If grinding, don’t loot. This applies to people who are using bot profiles to grind rep or to level while using a bot. Often, bots that loot raise suspicion since they tend to move a bit more slowly. A level 85 character who is farming low leveled mobs for rep generally doesn’t care for the loot they drop. If you are grinding for an item, feel free to turn on looting.
20. Don’t hack and bot. Seeing a character swim/run through the air without a mount at an extremely high speed is obviously not natural and will get your reported if you are seen.


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