Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flyff - Bot 2.0

Flyff - offered 2.0

Which contains the Thread?!

1.) Which knows that an Flyff offering 2.0
2.) Guidance
3.) Advantages
4.) Disadvantages
5.) Usually arising problems
6.) Download

1.) What can the Flyff - offered 2.0?
That Flyff offering plays Flyff for you. Sounds nevertheless good or?
1.1.) It attacks opponents
1.2.) Fooden (HP, FP, MP depending upon requires or also everything)
1.2.) Pet feed
1.3.) Items take up
1.4.) Buffen themselves
1.5.) Camera turn (if it moved)
1.6.) Used also the mini map (offered always is in action. The character does not stand still 20sec)
1.7.) Uses Skills
1.8.) Memory
1.9.) Shop
1.1.1.) Resetten
1.1.2.) Statistics
1.1.3.) Imprint

2.) Guidance
Thus needs naturally also a guidance offered,…
This is nichteinaml a video Tutorial so briefly, therefore here

3.) Advantages
3.1.) Independent level,… etc.
3.2.) It gives about no advantage?!

4.) Disadvantages
oÔ I do not believe offered disadvantages along in such a way.

5.) Usually arising problems

5.1.) I adjusted everything, move correctly with the Botstate messages indicated however the cursor not.

Solution to 5,1.) Frequent problem. Here still no solution exists. Please wait simply for the v2.

5.2.) The cursor moves however it never finds Mobs

Solution to 2.) uses the function: “Thus search for enemies on the mini map”

5.3.) It does not spamt Skills

Solution to 3.) you does not have either Skills on the border or you the keys wrongly set.

5.4.) Flyff is terminated if I no more Food has

Solution to 4.) still no solution found!

6.) Download
In the appendix of the Threads available
Download Now

Download Now


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