Saturday, March 5, 2011

Agility Hack in Ninja Saga Work 100%

Files Needed:

Cheat Engine
Mozilla Firefox
Brain.exe )

1.)Go to NS
2.)Open Cheat Engine select process, plugin container.exe
3.)Then Scan your gold
4.)1 address returned, then double left click the returned addressaddress then it will go to the bottom of C.E. "the table
5.)Change the last 2 number of address example 1C803F78 change 78 to AC like this 1C803FAC
6.)Then you will see your level in value change it to 444
7.)Go to Hunting Boss and see the results )

If you run out of chakra/CP/Mana ) change the value to 444 and then charge ) you CP will fully recover this hack is more nicer if you have a talent of Burial of Dead Bone


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