Friday, March 4, 2011

CityVille Domination Guide

Here's the Proof: Find out how I dominated the game and built my massive level 80 city, in under 20 days time, maxed out my collections, have multiple skyscrapers and still have over 6,161,900 coins, and 201 cash left...
And how you can do the same!

This is the first, original best-selling guide for CityVille that has been in publication for over a month with THOUSANDS of copies in the hands of CityVille lovers just like you.

In this detailed guide I lay out all of my secret strategies, powerful city layouts, and everything I have discovered in my entire Cityville life.

I hide absolutely nothing! These are the exact secrets I used to grow my city into a thriving metropolis, with over 9 millions coins, giant franchises, and huge skyscrapes!
In just one week you will start to see my strategies working wonders for you.
You will have:
Less Stress - You will find you can relax and play the game how you always wanted. Without worrying about if you are building the right houses, businesses, crops and more.
Respect - Other players will be lining up asking all about your secrets when you are absolutely dominating the game.
Popularity - Your neighbors will want to work with you, and will help you out by coming to your city and harvesting crops or collecting rent. Whatever you need them to do, they will!
Accomplishment - Achieve every goal you set for yourself and much more.
and more importantly...
More Time to Spend With Friends and Family While Still Enjoying the Game You Love!
No B.S, No Filler, 100% Legal


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