Friday, March 4, 2011

Farmville Bot [ FarmHelper ver 3.39beta ]

FarmHelper is a FREE FarmVille bot – it is a small program which will help you in the game FarmVille.

With the help of our program you will be able to earn more coins and to get more experience; it will work even when you are busy with your work, study and even when you sleep. FarmHelper will take care of your farm – it will seed whatever you order, it will gather in the crops in time and will not leave a chance to your harvest to get spoiled.

Using our farmville bot you can enter the game to seed, harvest etc while FarmHelper is playing itself.

1) Auto harvest, plow, seed..very fast

2) Bot can help your friends

3) You can plow much more ridges

4) You can expand your farm

5) Exchange coins for experience

6) Get many ribbons much faster

7) Recover some OOS errors

8) Use any gameSettings hacks

9) Buy and sell many objects automatically

10) Flash speed hack (CheatEngine speedhack.dll)

11) Create snapshots

12) Fertilize your neighbors farm and feed their chicken

13) Use your tractor to earn the “Lord of the Plow” Ribbon

14) You can extend bot functionality by using plugins, now you can also create plugins

To begin working with our farmville bot please read a short article HOW TO USE

To download the last version of the program go to the section DOWNLOAD


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