Friday, March 4, 2011

Ninja Saga - [NEW] Emblem Trick via C.E. [Mar 02, 2011]

1. you can buy pet emblem, clothes ,weapon
2. equip emblem weapons, clothes
3. train up to 5 jutsu A.K.A. AVATAR
4. can learn/purchase emblem talent/secret skills *must have token enough
5. train emblem skills
6. can do the emblem missions
7. recruit character's friend again
8. can challenge friend again.(infinite)

Steps: recommended browser firefox
1. Open C.E.
2. select process, plugin container.exe
3. tick ASROM
4. Play NS.
5. Scan your current token
6. go to headquartes convert 1 token, then go out HQ
7. scan your new token
8. 1 address returned copy the address (eg. 062E29F4 ), then double left click the returned address/searched address then it will go to the bottom of C.E. "the table
9. add +4 to the address you moved down to the table ex. 062E29F4+4
10. then the value will become 1 ,change it to 2.
11. click add address manually button at the right side.
12. paste the address you copied (eg.062E29F4)
13. then add +10 to its address, the value will become 2. then change it to 1.

*** you will have two addresses on the table below .1st address have the value of 2 and the 2nd address have the value of 1. if you get this then you are already premium user . . .***

NB: its not permanent xD


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