Friday, March 4, 2011

Ninja Saga - Critical Hack 2011

Use CheatEngine 5.6.1

Scan type: Exact Value
Value Type: Double

First Scan Value: 0.008000
Change all value to: 1

This is a Base Critical Multiplier Hack,
it wont make your critical 100%, but if you have a chance for critical you will have 11k+ damage

Note: dont worry, your opponents critical will not be multiplied, only YOURS will be...

1: log into ninja saga
2: open cheat engine
3: open proces and select plugin container if you are using firefox, or 2nd chrome procces
4: set "Scan type" as "Exact value"
5: set "value type" as "Double"
6: Scan "0.008000" without quotes
7: If you get more adresses, select all and change value to "1"
8: Enjoy!

This is usefull for thunder users which have a higher chance to give a critical strike


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