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CityVille bot ver2.06

[RELEASE]CityVille bot ver2.06


1. Open the downloaded file.
2. Extract the file and run the CVBotSetup.exe. then follow the instruction.

3. Run the bot by clicking the icon
Remember if you use vista/windows 7 and running as standard user. YOU NEED TO RUN THE BOT AS ADMINISTRATOR. you can do that by Right click the bot icon and click Run as administrator
4. if "SWITCH OFF BOT" show up then Click them. it will open the facebook login. enter your facebook password.

5. Click "SWITCH ON BOT"

6. Cityville will load up. Click "Play" then wait until the city load.

if you cannot click "Play" or it show up as blank page(white window) then click the facebook logo and click on cityville icon and click play again if you still having problem then you probably need to update your flash

7. The page will turn up green with text "Please wait.... BOT IS RUNNING", wait till the window on the left side say "BOT HAS FINISHED WORK" After it finish the tab will show up (Buildings, Crops, Gameinfo, etc)

8. Now you can configure your option. Click the buildings tab and choose the action the bot will take on every cycle. and also configure the other tab. don't forget to click SAVE every time you change something. NOTE YOU NEED ENERGY TO COLLECT RENT, BUILDINGS, COIN3,HARVEST CROPS and Harvest Factory

9. After you configure the bot go to the Main tab and click on START
you can see on the left side it will show BOT IS WORKING

Additional info by dotuletz

I'll explain some plugins from my point-of-view (BTW: 1run = one bot run over your city -- BOT HAS FINISHED WORK) :

1. Main - the screen and log where you can see what it's doing (or not) and from where you can start it
2. Settings - in here you can choose the streakbonus setting and choose the time zone ! also if you have lots to do on the "city" you may want to change "bot restart interval", it is in seconds, so 600= 10 minutes, 900 = 15 minutes. i wouldn't put any higher because sometimes the bot gets stuck
3. PluginsManager - is where you can deactivate/disable plugins (to test which give you error and which don't). If the button show Deactivated it means the plugin is turned on.
4. Buildings - you can set it collect rent from houses, collect rent from businesses, supply the businesses, handle trains (with some exceptions). This plugin USES your energy, so no energy = no collect
5. Crops - used to plant/harvest crops. you can set the amount and order. (You can see how many plots you have in the GameInfo-> Plots)
6. GameInfo - information about your city
7. Neighbors - used to do work on neighbors. You can select what to do, how much to do, and what buildings/crops etc to do.
*NOTE: pauses after each cycle. If you have a lot of neighbors this could end up with the bot restarting before it finishes. increase "bot restart interval" but to a logic value
8. Multi - In here you can change your city name, sending gift, setting your wishlist.
9. Factory - To automatically put a contract or harvesting your factory
the streak bonus calculation is based on your level, so higher level get more streakbonus coin, the streakbonus setting is located at Settings Tab

*DON'T FORGET TO PRESS SAVE SETTINGS on each plugin after changing them ========================================================================

Before you asking for help, please try this first:
1. Use the latest bot version
2. Use the latest version of the multi plugin
3. Uninstall the bot, delete the folder C:\Program Files\CityVilleBot\ and install the bot again.
4. Clean Internet Explorer Cache & Cookies, you can do it by using the cCleaner http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner
5. Install the latest flash player http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashpl ... yer_ax.exe and this http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashpl ... player.exe
6. See the FAQ in the next post

Download links

CityVille bot ver2.06


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