Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Release]MaxCabal 1.0.3 Version. More Stable and Compatibility

[RELEASE]MaxCabal Now Support Brazil, EU and PH Cabal Game

Here are the versions.
Brazil Version : 1.0.5 (auto IVC & AOE & NEW UI)
Euro Version: 1.0.5
PH Version: 1.0.8 (AOE)

MaxCabal(BR) is released !!! work for Cabal Brazil !!!
It’s most probably the first running bot for Cabal Brazil, stable and powerful! Main features are below:

Automatic leveling
Auto Heal
AOE Damage
Auto Answer
GM Detection
Auto loot + Filter
Auto Sell + auto Supply potions
Avoid Xtrap detection
More other features

MaxCabal is perfect for auto farming and make new characters.

Need to register to use it
Download links

Cabal Philippines Bot
Cabal Brazil Bot
Cabal Europe Bot

Suggest, do not use your game account to register
It is now free trial for 1-2 or forever


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